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Destination Wedding Packing List for the Couple and Their Guests

What You Should Pack Before You Go

Details are everything when it comes to planning a destination wedding. That’s because there are dozens of choices and options involved in pulling off a successful destination experience, from where the event will take place to arranging key elements ranging from finding the right wedding officiant to securing photography of the event. 

For example, as the wedding ceremony will obviously be a dressy affair, you’ll have to remember to bring clothes and other items that go beyond a normal packing list. In addition, transporting the full scope of wedding-appropriate attire means you’ll be carrying extra luggage for your trip.

For those reasons and many others, it’s virtually impossible to pull off an efficient and enjoyable destination wedding without creating a comprehensive list of items to bring and services to secure. We hope our ultimate destination wedding packing list will give you a head start in planning ahead.

All Guests and Participants

While some wedding guests – primarily the bridesmaids and groomsmen – will have actual roles in the wedding ceremony, all attendees will need to bring specific items along for this special event. From cash to casual and party attire (destination weddings frequently include more than one event), guests should consider packing these important items:

• Passport (if applicable)
• Travel information, including boarding passes and hotel reservations
• Attire (including shoes for all events (including the rehearsal dinner, welcome party, and luncheons)
• Wedding ceremony attire
• Sweater, light jacket, or wrap
• Handbag
• Swimsuit(s)
• Beach towel
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses
• Sun hat
• Tote bag or beach bag
• Sandals or flip flops
• Camera and battery charger
• Toiletries
• Glasses and/or contacts
• Prescription medicine(s)
• Hairdressing accessories
• Cell phone and phone charger (with electrical adapters if necessary)
• Cash and credit cards

woman with passport and suitcase
Passport - Don't forget to pack a valid passport especially if  it's a international destination wedding that requires a passport to travel.


It’s probably the biggest day in a bride’s life, and with so much to consider, it pays to think through exactly what you’ll need before, during and after your big day. Make sure you include all of the following:

• Wedding attire and accessories (sash, belt, veil, etc.)
• Wedding day shoes
• Wedding day hair accessories (headband/headpiece, special pins or combs)
• Wedding day emergency kit (medicines, toiletries, etc.)
• Pre-wedding attire (robe, blouse skirt or slacks, footwear, etc.)
• Departure outfit (if applicable)
• Nail kit (including Wedding day jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring)
• Wedding day clutch or evening bag
• polish for touch-ups)• Makeup • Perfume

Bride's wedding shoes
Wedding SHoes -  Unless you plan on walking barefoot for a beach wedding, brides should remember to pack their wedding shoes and dress. 


The biggest day in a man’s life calls for preparation. In addition to packing your wedding day apparel, you'll need to remember to carry the proper tools to make you look your very best for event. Here is the ideal groom’s wedding packing list:

• Wedding day attire (tuxedo or suit)
• Tie or bow tie
• Cufflinks
• Wedding day shoes and socks
• Pre-wedding attire
• Razor, shaving cream and aftershave
• Cologne
• Departure clothing (if applicable)

man getting dressed in a room with suitcase and unpacked suits
Groom - Every groom should remember to pack multiple sets of clothes, including pre-wedding attire and their tuxedo or suit.


There are several critically important items that the prospective bride and groom should pack. A destination wedding packing list should include important documents without which the ceremony cannot proceed. Some may seem obvious – such as important documents to get married legally – but others may not be so apparent. In any event, making a list eliminates any guesswork. The perfect destination wedding packing list for both the bride and groom includes:

• Marriage license
• Wedding itinerary/timeline
• Copies of vendor contracts and contact info
• Vendor gifts and thank-you notes (if not mailing later)
• Wedding bands
• Ring pillow or ring box
• Copies of your handwritten vows
• Wedding decor extras not shipped in advance (including the cake topper, guest book, etc.)
• Cards or gifts (for each other, the wedding party, and parents/family)
• Honeymoon essentials (for couples leaving right immediately following the wedding ceremony)

Marriage certificate and wedding rings
Important Documents - In addition to the wedding rings, couples should also remember to pack the all-important marriage certificate.


Wedding party members are the only attendees who will share some of the spotlight with the bride and groom. They need to look and feel their very best before, during and after the ceremony. Bridesmaids are often also called on to perform traditional wedding duties, including delivering a congratulatory speech following the event. Here’s a comprehensive list of considerations for bridesmaids:

• Bridesmaid attire
• Bridesmaid shoes
• Bridesmaid jewelry
• Pre- and post-wedding attire
• Copies of rehearsal dinner speech and/or maid of honor speech

Something old, new, borrowed and blue.
Gifts for the Bride - Bridesmaids should remember to pack those special gifts for the bride before leaving for the wedding destination. 


Being a groomsman is quite an honor, and that includes the responsibility as the groom’s best man and groomsmen to do everything possible to ensure their close friend and his bride-to-be experience the dream ceremony they deserve. While the groom will primarily count on his friends for tactical and emotional support, virtually every best man finds himself giving the big speech at the reception, too. Here is a full destination wedding list for groomsmen:

• Groomsman wedding attire (tuxedo or suit)
• Groomsman accessories (tie, bow tie, cufflinks, cummerbund, handkerchief)
• Groomsman wedding shoes
• Pre- and post-wedding attire
• Copy of rehearsal dinner speech (or best man’s speech)

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Best man gives speech at wedding
Best Man's Speech - The groom's best man should come prepared with what he plans to say at the wedding, which makes his speech an important packing list item.